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The Wahoo Kickr - Better Than Riding Outdoors (Almost)

I've had the Kickr Snap for a year now. And I can honestly tell you that it has absolutely made me a better rider. You might wonder how an indoor trainer within the confines of your home or garage can help you ride a bicycle better.

The trainer is an emerging part of the cycling routine. Professionals and Amateurs alike use trainers, and all will tell you they are a vital part of training. Especially in the winter months where riding outdoors just isn't feasible. Let me tell you 3 things I love about the Kickr

1.) Killer Workouts

The Kickr isn't a flimsy trainer. The weighted spinner is HEAVY and provides a ton of resistance when wanted (it's of course adjustable) I've ridden the heck out of mine, up to 600 watts and it performs beautifully and seamlessly.

2.) It's 'Smart'

This trainer has some pretty cool features. It is 'smart' meaning that it will adjust resistance based on set criteria. It can imitate wind, incline, etc. Or you can simply adjust the resistance manually.

3.) Use with 3rd party apps like Zwift

Need more out of your ride? Connect to third party apps like Zwift to race virtually, test your FTP, or just get a change of scenery. It's a great way to stay in shape and stay motivated.

If you're looking for to reach your goals on the bike, get a Wahoo Kickr. These things will make you a better rider. The data you can get from your rides is unreal (yet somehow so simple!) and will teach you what you need to do to be better.

Oh yeah, by the way... Brigham City Outdoors is now a Wahoo dealer!

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